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Test parameters: 50 Test Code: DR565 CBC,LIVER FUNCTION TEST,KIDNEY FUNCTION TEST,THYROID -TSH,GLUCOSE FASTING,PSA,LIPID PROFILE,HBA1C etc Fasting: Require 10 to 12 hours Report available in: 24 Hours SILVER SENIOR MALE - ISO. fasting glucose test results, fasting glucose blood test, fasting blood glucose test results, non fasting glucose test, fasting blood glucose test procedure, glucose fasting blood test results, fasting glucose test levels, glucose blood test fasting, fasting for a glucose test, Old groups of people are similar with terribly younger children. Each need to be taken care of with tender love and care. Contamination in vintage age can?t be averted; handiest its depth could also be reduced with the assist of timely drugs and medical doctor session. Early scientific intervention and remedies will assist reduce the physical and intellectual ache of senior voters that diseases get with themselves. that?s within which old person fitness check us inherit the image. Kidney feature takes a glance at ? This includes a sequence of tests to check for the wholesome functioning of your kidneys. Exams include: Urinalysis ? This takes a glance it may be a mixture of physical, chemical and microscopic assessments. those assessments assist to become responsive to and live various materials at intervals the piss, as well as by using-merchandise of normal and unconventional metabolism, cellular fragments, bacteria, cells akin to hematoidin, protein, glucose, crystals. This takes a glance at is an unprecedented screening tool that facilitates discover many problems in their early degree itself. The take a look at needs no distinctive coaching on your half. you just need to supply a sample of your piss. Serum Creatinine ? This takes a look at is employed to degree tiers of creatinine within the blood. Creatinine may be a waste material and high tiers of creatinine indicate that the kidneys don?t seem to be functioning nicely. No distinctive steerage is often needed for this check. the little pattern of your blood may well be drawn and examined at a laboratory. Typically, humour creatinine tiers of zero.7-1.3 mg/dL in men and 0.6-1.1 mg/dL is taken into account regular. Degrees higher than this is able to mean that your kidneys don?t seem to be functioning nicely and you?re at an improved danger for polygenic disease and different diseases. Urea ? This takes a look at is employed to live the degrees of organic compound N in your frame. organic compound N may be a waste material this can be usually filtered by exploitation of the kidneys and leaves the body via piss. The presence of an excessive amount of or insufficient organic compound got to indicate urinary organ problems. This check is accomplished as a screening check and to reveal the progress of polygenic disease treatment. You don?t need any distinctive work for this check. A sample of blood could also be drawn and despatched to the work for making an attempt out. A degree of 7-20 mg/dL is taken into thought traditional. Ranges higher or not up to those will indicate extreme troubles comprehensive of polygenic disease.

Fasting Required:
Do not eat or drink anything other than water for 8-12 hours before the test..

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